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Welcome to the inugrual edition of the Weekly Bitchfest, which can only be read here, right here, on Ringsidetalk.net....no, my thumb is actually pointing down, because here on this post weekly, (cause unlike Brock Lesnar, I don't take breaks) we will discuss the 5 worst things about wrestling for the week. So buckle up and sit tight, because it's gonna be a bumpy ride through these 5 absolute shit moments of the week! 5.Shane McMahon Provides....Oppurtunity? I know it may be hard to believe, but I do try my best to keep up with Smackdown LIVE, even though I don't watch it when it's...well...LIVE.....but anyways, this week Shane McMahon proved to us all how horrible of a GM he is. While the goatboy is on hiatus taking care of his new baby goat, Shane has been left to run the show alone, and he is doing a terrible job! This past week, the ring was filled with 6 men, Natalya, Naomi, Charlotte, Tamana, Becky Lynch, and Carmella, and 1 woman, James Ellsworth, as Shane Ol Big Mac came out to reveal the Briefcase for the first (and last) Women's MITB Ladder Match at the Money In The Bank PPV Event (only on the WWE Network for $9.99 JAAAAAAAWNNNN), when Lana decided to come out. The crowd was strongly behind her, and I mean strongly! She asked to be in the MITB match...and all the guys started laughing at her in the middle of the ring. What? Clearly these men were upset that Lana was a beautiful and enticing woman, and none of them could have her, especially Carmella because she's stuck with Ellsworth! Then Shane Mcmahon told Lana "oppurtunity is earned". I CALL BULLSHIT. This man for the past month gave fucking title shots to Jinder Mahal, Breezango, and Charlotte, all people who were never involved in the title picture before, but he won't give Lana a shot to COMPETE FOR A CHANCE AT THE CHAMPIONSHIP? Shane told us months ago on Smackdown he's all about what the people want. Well Shane, I think you did a good job, considering everyone started booing and chanting "WE WANT LANA!", when she sadly walked back up the ramp! BUT THEN IT GOT WORSE! You know who Shane McMahon did give an oppurtunity to??? MOJO FUCKING RAWLEY! Remember him?? He was the guy who won the "very prestigious Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal!". How the fuck is it fair for Shane to give Mojo an oppurtunity, but tell Lana he's not feeling her and she's not ready? (Pause on that) This only proved that Shane McMahon is a sexist, and he must be stopped! 4.Joe Is Soooooooooo Strong Now... This past Sunday at Extreme Rules, Samoa Joe won the Fatal 5 Way match to be the #1 Contender to the Universal Championship. This would be a great idea....if Joe was built up at all! Let's look at Joe's history since debuting folks! - Beat up Rollins - Sat out of Fastlane - Sat out of Mania - Beat up Rollins - Lost to Rollins - Beat up Rollins - Became #1 Contender There's a thing WWE doesn't do well, and it's called "building people up". How am I suppose to believe a guy who couldn't beat Seth Rollins in a match can all of a sudden beat Brock Lesnar? Well WWE this week just had to try and make him look strong, so they made him take out....Paul Heyman. Not a wrestler, not a badass, a fucking manager, and a manager just as fat and lazy as Samoa Joe may be. How in any case does choking out Paul Heyman make Samoa Joe look good? It just makes Joe looks like that fat high school bully who only picked on fat and out of shape kids because he was too scared to go after someone who could kick his ass. Rollins backstage then stood up to Joe, and instead of Joe just beating the shit out of him, he stood there with his arms crossed and agreed to another match with Rollins. BECAUSE THAT'S EXCITING! So they have their match, and Joe, the guy who is facing Lesnar next month...GOES 50/50 WITH ROLLINS! Do we see the problem??? Joe in no case is a beleivable threat against Lesnar with the way he's been booked, and WHAT'S WORSE, is he could only beat Rollins with BRAY FUCKING WYATT'S HELP, ANOTHER FAT SLOB WHO CAN'T WIN ANYTHING! They really need to do something drastic quick if they want anybody to take Joe seriously... 3. #IMPACTINDIA I already did a whole separate blog about this, which you can read right here on this site as well, so I won't spend much time on it, but by god, Impact in India was terrible. The first ever wrestling show broadcasted from Mumbai India sadly was by Impact Wrestling, and they provided an absolutely terrible show. Not saying WWE could do any better, cause honestly they probably couldn't. But seriously, the best part about this whole show were JB AND JOSEPH PARK TRAINING VIDEOS, FILMED OUTSIDE OF INDIA. I don't know if Impact is aware of this or not, but they have a PPV in less than 4 weeks, and here on their show, they're giving out random title shots to guys who haven't won anything EVER, and showing no signs of storyline progression in any area! Impact needs to get their shit together before they officially go out of business for good. 2. Sheamus and Cesaro...The Jobber Champions This whole Sheamus and Cesaro thing started off as a terrible thing....AND IT STILL IS A TERRIBLE THING. Seriously, Sheamus and Cesaro for the past 6 months have done nothing but lost. They lost to The Club, they lost at Mania, they lost to the Hardys in singles matches, they lost to the Hardys in tag matches. The only times these two have won anything that actually matters ALL YEAR was at the very thrilling FASTLANE PPV event, where they beat Jinder Mahal and Rusev in singles matches....AND THAT STILL DOESN'T REALLY MATTER! At Extreme Rules, they finally caught a break, because this time they didn't have to actually pin or submit anybody to win the match, all they had to do was leave the cage. So technically. Cesaro and Sheamus became champions because they LEFT the match. Good job guys! But now that they're the champions, they must be ready to face all comers, right!? Well, this past week on Raw, they fought Heath Slater and Rhyno, guys I don't think have even been on Raw since the shakeup. Cesaro and Sheamus need to do something quick to rise above jobber status, cause right now I just see another Club like team having a pointless title reign. 1. WHY CAN NOBODY SEE HOW BAD THIS IS? I actually really don't get it. I don't. I don't see why so many of these IWC mark want to suck The Miz's cock. They complain about Cena, but Miz is basically just like Cena, except he's not good! He whines, he bitches, he fights like a pussy, he runs away 24/7, and WORST OF ALL, I have to watch him win a championship EVERY SINGLE FUCKING YEAR FOR NO REASON! This past week, he won the Intercontinental Championship FOR THE 7TH FUCKING TIME! Even if you are a diehard Miz fan, what could possibly be exciting about another title reign with that championship? HE HAS HAD 6 REIGNS PREVIOUS WITH IT, YOU'VE SEEN ALL THIS SHIT BEFORE! These diehard IWC Marks think Miz makes the belt "prestigious" though. How? How does he make it prestigious? If anything, Miz is making the likes of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels look stupid for ever wanting that piece of shit title! The last time he won the championship, he had a 4 month feud with Dolph Ziggler, another man trying to fight for relevancy, and you all claimed Miz's promo work and his matches brought up the prestige of the championship. That is simply not true because nobody was watching Smackdown at the time. And even if they were, how could they enjoy the same shit weekly? Miz comes out and brags about how good he is, Ziggler says he's going to shut him up, they talk for 20 minutes about their careers, then they have a 25 minute match that you can see open up any episode of Raw. How is that exciting? But back to present time, this past week, Miz had a "Championship Celebration", which was praised by these IWC marks online. I'll review the segment for you. Ready? Maryse brought out the Miz, Miz talked about how great he is, thanked Maryse for the DANCING BEAR, Maryse says she didn't bring the bear, Miz beats up THE BEAR, a giant present is rolled down to ringside, Miz attacks the present, Maryse begs him to stop, it was a Clock, so the Miz beat up a CLOCK, Mayse pushed the Miz and ran off crying, Miz bitched, Dean Ambrose came up from behind dressed up as a camera man and beat up Miz, end segment. THAT SOUNDS LIKE A SKIT RIGHT OUT OF ANY SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON SHOW! (Saturday Morning Slam?) This didn't raise the prestige of anything besides raising how prestigious of a joke Dean Ambrose has been reduced too. That's all for now

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Last night, Impact Wrestling traveled out to India, for what was sure to be an historic episode and a milestone achievement for the company...right? Well...no, in fact, it was one of the poorest excuses for a wrestling show I have seen in a while. It's fun to hate on Raw, and Smackdown, and everything else WWE puts out, but when it comes to Impact, there is nothing good to be found. You can't even laugh about how bad it is, because it's just so bad, you feel the need to tap out and quit watching. Most of the Impact Stars didn't even watch this episode, as most of them admitted last night they were watching Game 5 of the Hockey Finals, cheering for their Nashville Predators. Well, in this case, Impact Wrestling last night was not any sort of predator, but they were rather the prey, as a terrifying and horrific beast, known as the audience, chewed the life out of this horrible show. With Impact Wrestling in India, you'd expect a huge opening segment, something different, something that stands out to make this show historic, right? Wrong. Instead, Lashley and Alberto El Patron just talked to each other about how much they don't like each other, while their principal, Bruce Prichard, looked over what the two foolish kids were saying. For a first time viewer, possibly tuning in to see how Impact does in India, this had to have been an instant turn off. It's the same kind of opening Raw puts out on a weekly basis. Impact says they strive to be different, so why are they not trying to be different? Daddy Prichard soon got tired of the bitching, and decided to book both Patron and Lashley in separate title matches BEFORE THE PPV. In case you all didn't know, Alberto El Patron is the "GFW Global Champion", which is now a huge deal all of a sudden, because the Global Championship is a "golden ticket" to the Impact World Title, because former champion Magnus said so. Not only is this a nothing belt, but them trying to act like it's a belt just as important as their own world title brings down the prestige of their own world title. A top belt from a company that never had a TV Show and put on shows in fronts of ball parks for 200 people, with only two champions in its prestigious history, one of the two being Patron, as he is the current title holder, is now the golden ticket to the top prize in Impact Wrestling. It also does not help that Lashley has to defend his championship 4 weeks before the PPV, because god forbid for once we get an actual buildup to a main event match. Impact just never seems to learn. Well, who are Lashley and Patron defending against? As Mathews made sure to point out 6 times, "Bruce won't tell them." Here in 2017, there should be a new, fresh, and exciting X Division to feast our eyes on. With the likes of Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Marshee Rockett, Caleb Konley, and many other hungry guys on the roster, it only makes sense for the X Division to be as exciting and thrilling as it's ever been...right? Wrong. Last night, Champion Low Ki, who just returned to the company 2 months ago, and has been around for what feels like centuries now, defended his championship against Caleb Konley, who I previously mentioned should be an uprising talent in the X Division, but instead he has never won a match on TV to this point, but he's getting a title shot anyways, because fuck it right? Once Low Ki wins, Sonjay Dutt comes out to a HUGE HOMETOWN POP...nah just kidding, because the crowd isn't filled with passionate wrestling fans, but rather people who are paid to attend the show, due to India tradition. Sonjay claims he wants the championship, and challenges Low Ki. Low Ki accepts, thus now we have another title match next week, this time featuring two guys who have been around for ages, and one of them being Sonjay Dutt, who has been featured on Impact for the past two weeks. Who would have thought here in 2017, the title picture in the X Division would feature Low Ki and Sonjay Dutt. This is typical Impact, relying on their old stars to carry a whole division, because they did nothing to build up new talents to carry the division. Daley Richards and Eddie Edwards right now are in a blood feud. So what do you do when the men are in a blood feud? You make Richards go one on one with a jobber. This felt like some classic NXT shit. Why is Richards facing a jobber? If he's tough enough to take out Eddie for weeks, give him better competition. Don't give him an Indian Jobber you just found on the street and decided to pay for one night. And get this, Angelina Love was told to stay home, for putting Alisha Edwards, Eddie's wife, through a table. Here on Impact, everything that relates to wrestling is strongly prohibited! After the match EC3 comes out. Why? Well, to attack the jobber with a strap of course! Because EC3 has to look strong too damn it! James Storm eventually comes out for the save, because Storm and EC3 are feuding because...well...It's personal? I'm sure Impact will find a good reason before the feud is over for good. Perhaps the most entertaining thing on this whole show, involved the most hated storyline in wrestling history at this very moment, JB vs Josh Mathews. This is the only thing on Impact with an actual story. Josh is fond of JB being the voice of Impact, so he has done everything in his power to make sure JB stays off the announce team. JB has teamed up with Joseph Park, who agreed to be his lawyer, so he could be reinstated back to the announce team. Park challenges Mathews to a match at Slammiversary, where he will team up with JB against Mathews and a partner of his choosing. In a wildcard pick, Mathews chooses Scott Steiner, who returns to Impact and wrecks havoc on JB and Park. With JB being unsure of himself, Park heads down to Impact offices to grab JB and help him train for the huge match at Slammiversary. If you cannot tell how golden this all is in terms of humor with all the talent involved, you need to watch the JB and Park training videos and find out for yourself. This truly shows The Hardys were not fully responsible for their Broken Brilliance, as JB alone has made these segments some of the most entertaining segments in recent memory. And yes, this story involves two announcers, a lawyer, and Big Poppa Pump. That may be the most hilarious aspect of the whole situation. Hornswoggle vs Spud, yep, that's happening. Moving on. If you have not seen Laurel Van Ness yet, I would advise you to check her out. Her character is she is a ruined bride, trying to drink off all of her problems, so she is now batshit insane, after being left at the alter by Braxton Sutter....which happened 5 months ago. Regardless of how great her character is, she received a title match out of nowhere, with Champion Rosemary, who had missed the previous 4 weeks of Impact prior to this, besides turning face to help Allie, the girl who Braxton Sutter left Laurel for at the alter MONTHS AGO, from the evil forces of Laurel Van Ness and her friend Sienna. It'd be nice to know why Rosemary all of a sudden is helping Allie, but just like we don't know, I'm sure Impact doesn't know why yet either. With more focus and attention on the women involved, you'd have an amazing feud, but it's hard to be invested in a champion who has shown up twice in the past 2 months. In our exciting main events, Lashley defended his world title against Impact Grand Champion Moose, who was arguably a credible contender since he is the 2nd top tier champion and a threat to the dominant world champion, and Alberto El Patron defending his global title against Chris Adonis, who....well....earned it through his dues? Both matches came off as very flat and boring, because there was no story or reason for it to happen other than Principal Prichard saying "you wanna fight? Go have matches." When you have this kind of mindset for "world title matches", the matches are heavily devalued. Proper buildup and storylines are the way to go when it comes to making good title matches, but it seems like only Billy Corgan understood that, and now he is gone. Overall, this is a very forgettable episode of Impact, boring and depreived of any kind of excitement. For a first time ever show, it's no shock that for what may be the millionth time ever, nobody will ever talk about this episode of Impact in mere months.

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After thinking about it, I came up with a awesome story line. So what if Aj Styles wins the MITB, and at summerslam, or no mercy, or TLC, Nakamura would beat Mahal for the title, and at the Royal Rumble or Elemination Chamber, Aj Styles would cash in to become new World Champ, which will lead to a huge match between Aj Styles VS Shinsuke Nakamura for the world championship at Wrestlmania! Leave your comments below and tell me what do you think of the storyline.

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1) … Dive. 2) You find yourself picturing how Jinder Mahal will look after beating Randy Orton. 3) You realize Breezango is your spirit animal. 4) Ziggler sells like a champ for Nakamura. 5) OK. Just drink it but don’t swallow it. Now, remember when Bray said he felt sorry for whoever followed his and Randy’s match at Mania? Ok, how funny was your spit take? 6) … Dive. 4) Ziggler sells like a champ for Nakamura. 5) OK. Just drink it but don’t swallow it. Now, remember when Bray said he felt sorry for whoever followed his and Randy’s match at Mania? Ok, how funny was your spit take? 6) … Dive. 7) JBL makes a football reference. 8) You feel the need to numb the pain from seeing “The Perfect 10” on the Kickoff Show. 9) Jinder Mahal defeats Randy Orton and has the quickest rise in history from jobber to champion. 10) … Dive. 11) A “CM Punk” chant breaks out in 2017. The people chanting have obviously been drinking, so why shouldn’t you?? 12) And take as many shots as needed for you believe that Owens/Styles is the one that’s for the World Title. Source: HeelBook.com